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Since I might as well keep track of this! I don't want to randomly forget any of them and I almost did that with one earlier, whoops.

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Title: Hey Is For Horses
Word Count: 3214
Fandoms: Disney - All Media Types, Hercules (1997)
Rating: General Audiences? Teen And Up Audiences?
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Relationships: Hermes/Philoctetes (Disney)
Characters: Hermes, Philoctetes (Disney)
Additional Tags: Giving Flowers, Flirting, Hand Feeding, Getting Together

Hermes shows up with a delicious gift. Phil doesn't know what his game is, but maybe it's one he can play.


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And also because I might use them again! But I'm not really feeling them right now. Some may be available every once in a while, though!

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Fandom: Gatchaman Crowds
Subject: Rui Ninomiya
Title: Play the Game
Notes: Rui Ninomiya was sought out when she was young, manipulated into a metaphorical deal with the devil. Using the power she was given as sparingly as possible, she set out to improve the world, alone except for the artificial intelligence she had created, X, and an alien she could not trust, Berg Katze. When Katze attacked her, stole her form, and stole what she had created in order to use it to end the world, she turned to her heroes she had formerly dismissed -- and became a hero herself. She never gave up, no matter what happened, and she helped save the world. This fanmix was made for [profile] waywardmixes.
Extra Note: The show does not come out and say that Rui is a trans girl. However, she can be reasonably interpreted as such, and this is how I see her; I will be using she/her pronouns for her.
Warnings: Contains major spoilers for the entirety of Gatchaman Crowds, including the Director's Cut of Episode 12. There are also some mentions of death/murder, psychological mistreatment and manipulation of a child, violence, isolation, literal identity theft, and trauma.

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Fandom: Gen
Subject: French/non-English-language songs
Title: Love Languages
Notes: Sorry for this being a day belated, but merry, merry Christmas to you, [ profile] hbics! This mix is for the Secret Santa exchange at [ profile] waywardmixes, and gosh, was it fun to do. I may have gotten a little bit carried away, but I certainly hope my recipient doesn't mind. C:
Warnings: A couple of songs contain slurs in their languages, so if you go looking for further translations than I give, be warned for that.

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Fandom: Transformers Prime
Subject: Optimus Prime and Megatron, Ultra Magnus and Starscream
Title: First & Nothing
Notes: A mix comparing two sets of characters that are more similar than their canon ever intended: Optimus Prime and Megatron, the leaders of two factions that have been at war for millennia, and Ultra Magnus and Starscream, the two "right hand mechs" who find no real acceptance either from their leaders or their factions. This fanmix was made for [profile] waywardmixes.
Warnings: Contains slight spoilers for Transformers Prime, up through the episode "Minus One." There are also some mentions of death, abuse (physical, psychological, and emotional), and threats of torture.

"There is no such thing as second place. Either you're first or you're nothing." -Gabe Paul

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Fandom: DC Comics - Secret Six
Subject: Ragdoll II (Peter Merkel, Jr.)
Title: Scruples Removed
Notes: This is a mix for the son of the first Rag Doll, Peter Merkel, Jr. -- a character who took his father's name in more ways than one, but, despite himself, manages to be a better person than his father ever was. You can't call him anything but a villain -- he's certainly no hero -- but he is something of a tragic, hopeful figure. But he is one of the bad guys, and the bad guys are doomed. This fanmix was made for [profile] waywardmixes.
Warnings: Spoilers are contained herein for the entire Secret Six comic series. There are also some mentions of child abuse, rape, incest, and lots of death and murder.

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untouched = don't care either way, can be good or not
bold = yes
italic = oh FUCK yes
strike = NEVER

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Fandom: Fallen London
Subject: The Bazaar, the Masters of the Bazaar, and Mr Eaten
Title: No light over London.
Warnings/Notes: A mix about the most unknowable creatures of the Neath: the inhuman Masters of the Bazaar, whatever they are; the former Master and fount of madness known as Mr Eaten; and, of course, the Bazaar itself. Contains spoilers from Fallen London, specifically the Mr Eaten storline, the Affair of the Box, and the 12 Days of Mr Sacks. This fanmix was made for [profile] waywardmixes.

I've done this many times before you: Old Shanghai, New Orleans, Amsterdam and Mumbai... )


Jan. 4th, 2013 11:57 pm

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Medium: Comic Books
Fandom: DC Comics
Subject: Jim Craddock/Zita
Title: I'm still in love with you
Notes: Sixteen songs (plus two bonus tracks) chronicling the whirlwind romance between Jim Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost, and a one-off character named Zita he had a Thing with back in the Silver Age.

Ghost goes to France, ghost meets blind fortune teller with psychic abilities, ghost and fortune teller fall in love, ghost steals magical gems to heal her eyes, and ghost leaves to find a way to become alive again, because until he's truly living, he's certain she "deserves better." Ghost, eventually, dies permanently, with no notice given. Over the years, she learns to move on.

Contains love songs, songs wishing for love not to leave, songs about the loss, bitter songs about love thrown away and, finally, songs about letting go -- even when you're still in love.

Cover art by rukafais, drawn specifically for this FST and used with permission. Track descriptions for 1-7 are utterly canonical, the rest are headcanon.

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This song is translated using very little knowledge of French, Google Translate, and guesswork. Parts of it may not be correct, but it should be enough to go by.

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